Smart Buildings with Crestron Automation
Crestron Automation
With Intelligent Buildings, Automation systems, just like professional sound systems, are one of the systems that have started to appear in daily life. Especially the automation sector, which has gained momentum and gained momentum, has been shown as a differentiated activity. Which it is quite different and successful in signing contracts, and only managed to become a well-known brands can not you wonder about the Crestron Turkey all over the world we share everything for you.

Crestron Emergence of Automation Systems

Crestron, which has existed in the sector for quite a long time, comes across you with more than 40 years of experience. With its automation systems, Crestron is promising to experience the experience you have never experienced so far. which has a worldwide reputation and has offices in only those over 90 in many parts of the world is not Turkey Crestron Automation provides automation services in many different areas from each other. Had given with automation services in Turkey and that many more countries have settled in well as a number Crestron Automation, which was developed in a sensitive way to light your make energy savings with intelligent building automation systems also pave the way.


Crestron Automation Services

There are many different areas where these automation services are being used, as well as intelligent buildings. Hotel, hospital, home, school, office and many other areas that provide automation services, smart buildings to produce a lot of history into the product provides. With smart buildings and houses, and a single button with a single button from the place where you work you can handle your work , a single touch thanks to your devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch allows you to control everything in the house. It will make its name known for many years with its intelligent building service, which allows you to control many of your house’s alarm system, especially from leaving your bed or from your seat. FENOMENSES LIGHT AND AUTOMATION of all products can be obtained from our company.

16 Ekim 2018
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